Live Cattle

Among the company's various business sectors, highlights are the live cattle pre-shipment inspection services, Cugnier Certification is the only company authorized by MINPAL for this activity in Brazil. The various controls performed prior to and during shipment are extremely important for the acquisition of healthy animals and within specifications of clients, which includes but is not limited to the following activities:

・Audit Document ・Physical inspection of EPE'S ・Pre-shipment establishment, verification of genetic data, characteristics and health status of the animals ・Cleaning and disinfection Inspection ・Weight of animals ・Conditions of transport ・Quantities shipped on vessels ・Issuing of Inspection Certificates

Sanitary Inspection

In order for animal products to be marketed, conducting sanitary and industrial inspection is needed; thus ensuring quality and safety for consumers, in addition to preserving public health and the environment. Cugnier controls the quality of products and have animal welfare as a priority and hygiene in the processes. For this, we have a qualified professional team of veterinarians. With this service, Cugnier also stimulates economic development of establishments, as well as encourage them to come out of hiding, adapting to the current legal requirements. Cugnier also contributes to the implementation of self-control programs such as BPF, PPHO, HACCP in the establishments. These controls allow the records to be auditable and information traced quickly through physical and electronic reports. Cugnier was the first Brazilian private company to comply with the legal requirements for CIDASC - Companhia Integrada de Desenvolvimento Agrícola de Santa Catarina, and is authorized to do the State Inspection Service - SIE, adapting the European Union adopted model recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health. .

Protocols of International Sanitary

The Cugnier provides consulting services for international driver's refrigerators (pigs, poultry, cattle), including General List, Special List or the European Union. This is why, for holding animal food exports you must be enabled for these lists, which depend on the destination country.

Pre-shipment Inspection - PSI

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (Pre-Shipment Inspection - PSI) evaluates a particular product for export, considering the needs of both the exporter as the importer. The PSI scope can include various types of controls, then we highlight a few:

- Quantity - Visual aspects - Packaging, markings and damage - Product quality - Collection of samples - Laboratory analysis - Storage conditions - Temperature control (when applicable) - Presence function test (if applicable) - Documentation Review - Loading Supervision - Sealing Container

The way a cargo will reach its destination involve directly in the commercial relationship between the parties. The PSI service guarantees the quality of exported products, adding reliability, credibility and transparency to the trade relations. This is why, to certify the product quality standards can meet the technical specifications and contractual requirements.

Discharge Inspection - DI

Discharge Inspection (Discharge Inspection - DI) is a service used by both exporters and by importers and refers to the inspections at the time of product unloading on arrival in the destination country. DI aims to verify and guarantee that the downloaded products comply with the information declared at the time of shipment in the country of origin. The discharge inspection can include verification of:

- Quantity - Visual aspects - Packaging, markings and damage - Product quality - Samples Collection - Laboratory analysis - Storage conditions - Temperature control (when applicable) - Presence function test (if applicable) - Documentation Review - Discharging Supervision - Opened Container (sealing review)

Door-to-Door Inspection - DTDI

Door-to-Door Inspection (DTDI), consists of a modality that covers both on-site inspection of origin of goods before shipment (pre-shipment inspection), as well in the destination country at the time of discharge (discharge inspection). With this type of service it’s possible to provide full assurance of compliance with the qualitative requirements of marketed products, as well as the quantities of products, taking into account international agreements and contracts of each client.

Ships Operations

Cugnier conducts surveys and inspections of cargo and the shipment tracking of ships in order to establish the conditions of the products being transported issuing certificates as for load conditions before leaving the country. In addition, these certifications can be used in possible claims for loss or damage.

- Basements Inspection Certificate with photos (Cleaning) - Hose Test Certificate (tightness) - Hose Test Certificate with photos (tightness) - Copy of the report of the last 03 cargo shipped on the ship - Inspection certificate concerning the total cargo loaded, one certificate for each type of load and Exporter / Importer with photos - Worked Periods Report and downtime - Application Certificate of seals in the hold, including photos. - Draft Survey Report - Load sample collection certificate with photos - Certificate of the delivery of the samples to the ship's command - Certificate ship loading Plan - Document Copy of general information of the ship - Certificate of the cargo laboratory analysis - Weight verification certificate with photo (applied only to cargo in sacks) - Copy of the terminal scales of calibration certificate (when possible) - Copy of cargo fumigation certificate (when applicable) - Certificate of laboratory analysis

Product Certification

The product certification is a form of these companies to demonstrate their concern and prove to consumers the origin and quality assurance of its products. Therefore, certification and independent audits are of fundamental importance, not only for compliance with formalities, but mainly to meet the current legislation and the consumer, who increasingly demands an accelerated need for changes in the productive sector.

Oil, Gas And Biofuels

Cugnier is accredited before Petrobras through the Certificate of Registration and Classification Register (CRCC) having approval to provide services in several areas of the Petroleum segment, Gas and Biofuels. The accreditations of Cugnier include:

- Industrial Inspections
- Non-destructive Testing
- Expediting Purchase, Materials And Services
- Technical Inspections & Additional Services

Technical Inspections

In addition to the services provided exclusively for Petrobras, Cugnier offers several solutions for Petroleum and Derivatives operations (P & D) to EPC companies, consortia and private companies in this sector. Below are some of the main solutions that Cugnier offers:

- Inspection of loading and unloading (P & D)
- Quantitative Inspections (P & D)
- Qualitative analysis (P & D)
- Collection and transport of samples
- Inspections of ships and barges
- Inspections of tanks (static, iso and flex)
- Bunker Survey

Expediting Purchase

The expediting service relates to all the actions required for a particular product supplied, assembled or put into operation, to be delivered within the deadline. This product must be in accordance with the technical specifications, as well as according to the quality standards required by the customer. For the implementation of this service is made a follow-up through periodic visits that attempt the conditions of production or assembly of the product - infrastructure manufacturer / assembler, testing, quality control. Are taken into account contractual arrangements, schedules, costs and other relevant documents. The scope of care expediting service can include:

- Manufacturing
- Release
- Receiving
- Loading
- Storage
- International Inspections
- Date book